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Is Dogecoin mining profitable? No.

I love Dogecoin, and I love the dogecoin community. So I thought I'd take a moment to look at whether it's worth buying mining hardware to get Dogecoin, or just buying Dogecoin itself.
I had another redditor give me some figures to go off of, so I ran the numbers on Coinwarz and this is what I got:
A 280x costs $440 right now on Amazon.
I'm going to assume for the purposes of this calculation that no other hardware would be required other than the card. If someone else can give me an estimate for the accessories, please do.
We're getting 700 KH/s with power consumption of 260W, and electricity prices of $0.10 per KW/hour (the US average right now).
I'm using the coinwarz calculator to determine revenue (I set the equipment cost to $0):
Where people get tripped up is that they don't account for the difficulty increase. So what I've done is look at the Dogecoin and Bitcoin difficulty increase over the past month, and done a week by week look at the returns, assuming the same weekly difficulty increase as each currency had.
Dogecoin's difficulty went from 472 to 1385. That's a 193% increase in a month. Bitcoin's difficulty went from 1180-2193, an 85% increase.
Assuming a 193% increase, the difficulty will rise to 4058 by the end of the month.
To calculate the difficulty for a week, we use the average difficulty between the beginning and end of the week. The difficulty goes up 664 a week, so we take half of that and that's where we start the first week: (since the week starts at 1385 and ends at 2049, we add a half week's increase to get the average of 1717.
Week one - 1717 Difficulty: $55 Week two - 2381 Difficulty: $39 Week three - 3045 Difficulty: $29
Now i'm being generous because the reward halves in 18 days, but i'm pretending it lasts 3 weeks.
Week four - 3709 Difficulty: $10
Added together, you make $133 your first month. At the end of month difficulty (4058) You'd make $8.27 per week, or 38 weeks (or 9.5 months) to break even. And that's assuming the difficulty stays the same after one month.
Now, running the numbers assuming the 85% increase that bitcoin experienced:
week 1 - 1532: $62.60 Week 2 - 1826: $51.82 Week 3 - 2120: $44.02 the mining reward drops by 50%: Week 4 - 2561: $16.88 = $175.32
Assuming the same difficulty as the end of week four (2562) in perpetuity, it would take you 17 Weeks (4.3 months) to make back your initial investment. And that's assuming the difficulty stays the same, which it won't.
And if you're going to assert that "well, that's based on the fact that the price will stay the same, but part of the reason you mine is cause the price might go up!"
Yes, the price might go up, but you'd make the same amount of money buying $450 Dogecoins. The question is not "are Dogecoins a good investment?" It's "is mining Dogecoins a better investment than just buying them?"
TLDR; buying new hardware to mine Dogecoins is a bad investment when you take into account the rise in Difficulty.
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