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Ytcracker - Bitcoin Baron (Killhamster's Buttcoin Remix)

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Buttcoin Foundation ROCKED as founder exposed to be PAID SHILL for Butterfly Labs

My name is borderpatrol. I'm the founder of and have been making fun of bitcoiners since 2011. Buttcoin is one of the oldest Bitcoin sites on the internet and just last month celebrated it's 1 millionth visitor.
And about 7 months ago I (accidently) became a paid shill for Butterly Labs.
In December of 2013, Bitcoin losing steam and after 2 1/2 years of running the site I was getting tired. I had started up school again and work was getting steady so I wasn't updating as much. I was in the middle of a redesign to keep myself busy but I went weeks between updates. But I liked the site so I kept it around. A few months prior killhamster had helped me find new comedy gold to mine and was posting constantly on the twitter.
I was approached by someone named Jeff. He emailed me from a domain at a local bar in Chicago. He had asked about buying the site. This wasn't the first offer I had gotten. I have been asked to comment on articles in PC World and speak at John Hopkins University about Bitcoins and the site was somewhat popular, but no one ever put in any serious offers. The site got steady traffic but everyone who knows about bitcoins, knows about computers. And everyone who knows about computers runs AdBlock. So the site made no money but was a fun little hobby of mine.
Jeff presented himself as a regular reader of the site who owned bitcoins and had presumably cashed out. He said he liked the writing style, liked the site, and wanted to know if I was interested in a sale. I asked what he was offering. He said he wanted to offer me $XX,XXX dollars (not as high as the $30,000 someone is quoting however). I thought his was a joke. The site had no revenue and was virtually impossible to monetize. The only people willing to advertise on bitcoins sites are BFL, Mt. Gox, BitPay, and they would never advertise on Buttcoin. I asked him a few more questions to gauge his sincerity; what he planned on doing with the site, how the transition would be handled, would he allow me to continue to write for the site. He explained that he wanted to keep the site like "The Onion of Bitcoin", wanted me to keep writing for a minimum of 6 months. He also wanted everything to be in his daughters name because she was just graduating out of journalism school and he wanted her to learn online publishing. The guy was going to buy my site and then let me still have control. I have bought and sold a few domains and sites before and could tell he was serious, so I said fuck yeah and took his money. Signed a contract, completed escrow and
We did the site transfer and closed escrow. The day after the transfer occurred my admin account was locked out even though I had an agreement to stay there for 6 months. Since I was already fighting with little site issues because of the transfer I didn't think much of it, I emailed Jeff but got no response. Killhamster still had publishing rights. The next day we noticed that our most popular article on the entire site, the "The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of shit." had been edited and now read The Butterfly Labs Mini Rig is a sexy Bitcoin mining machine. At this point killhamster emailed Jeff and asked what was up. He stated that there were "going to be some changes to attract new advertisers". He explained that he liked the humor but picking on specific brands was no good. He said that BFL pays $1000/month for every ad on BitcoinTalk and that there's no reason we can't get the same kind of deal. Since my account was now locked out and I was the original author, killhamster could not change the article. At this point I was pretty bummed that what was told to me was no true but whatever, not much I could do about that now. Killhamster was still running the twitter and planning to do some funny stuff with future articles. I wanted to see what was up with this guy though.
I checked and see what was edited. The only thing edited was That BFL article and 2 more, one about them faking CE certification and one where Wired tested it and was unimpressed. But there was some much worse stuff on there that wasn't touched. If he was trying to clean up the site for advertisers, why just those BFL articles.
Then I remembered that my Google Search Rankings for certain Butterfly Labs related terms were high. Very High. Buttcoin was ranking between 3-4 for the search term "Butterfly Labs" and "Butterfly Labs Review" and was usually #1 for "Butterfly Labs Scam" and "Is Butterfly Labs ligit". It was obvious to me that the purpose of purchasing the site was to simply remove the negative articles that were destroying their search traffic and making them look bad.
So I Google "Jeff Butterfly Labs"
Jeff Ownby is the VP of marketing for BFL.
I never got his last name and all contracts where under his "daughter's name".
So I looked a bit deeper and see Jeff from BFL graduated from Elmhurst College in Illinois and the Jeff that bought Buttcoin emailed me from was a Chicago-area bar domain. I still couldn't get this guy's last name but I finally found an old Facebook post from a press release by the bar the guy owns and it said his name was Jeff Ownby. Could be another guy with the same name but I'm sure now that BFL bought the site simply to remove three negative articles.
So that's the whole story. I was tricked into selling to BFL and no longer have access to the site so I've set up camp on the subreddit instead so I can shitpost about bitcoins still. Killhamster still can write articles once in a while and does wonderful things on the twitter. And in way, even though I never owned any, I still cashed out because of Bitcoin.
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Where are they now?

Here is what I know
Weev - Everyone knows what he's up to
Girlvinyl - Director at Proofpoint
Alison - High paying job at Apple
Zaiger - Sucking cock to pay for his crack habit
Habermann - Turn gay and stopped his 24 hour ops, good for him
D-malice - In jail for diddling an underaged boy
ODB - suicide ;;
Killhamster - took up a career of making fun of bitcoiners
What happened to the rest of the gang that don't edit anymore?
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The day /r/buttcoin almost died.

I'm making this post as per cojoco request.
About a year ago this sub had a mod run monthly nomination thread for the biggest captains of the industry. One user nominated pirateat40.
Pretty low profile guy huh.
This was the second such nomination thread. Shortly after Cojoco banned said user for supposedly doxing another member of reddit. Pretty odd since pirateat40 doesn't and has never posted on reddit as far as anyone knows. The user messaged the mods confused as to why he was banned. Cojoco decided it would be best to just start name calling admitting that he doesn't take his modding this sub seriously and basically acts like a child.
Does it appear to you that the user was being too sassy and out of control before Cojoco banned him.
His recent claims was that the user was banned for linking a reddit user (he isn't) with an offsite forum. The other mods agreed that Cojoco made a wildly stupid call and stuck up for the banned user. Cojoco didn't like that his authority was called in to question and began take away all the other mods powers. There was talk in the buttcoin IRC of all the mods quitting but they decided it was best not to give /bitcoin something to laugh about. One of the mods did quit at this time after hours and hours of bullshit.
Do you know how Cojoco got his top mod spot of this sub? He is a known subsquatter. He waits until a sub has gone quiet for awhile and then asks the admins to give him control of the sub. Did you know Cojoco also mods over 150 subs? Did you know he resigned from /undelete because he was restoring anti-jewish posts that had since been deleted and that he was doing it under the guise of "free speech" Killhamster and Borderpatrol are the rightful head mods of this sub but as I mentioned they had the entire sub stolen right from under their nose.
Cojoco is as shady and tyrannical as Theymos. The only difference is that Theymos actually gives a shit about his sub. /buttcoin is just another merit badge to sew onto his mod sash.
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The free market spoke to me, and I made ButtTipBot.

Hello fellow captains of industry! Today I've taken on the task of creating our own tip system!
I pretty quickly searched to see if anything like this had already existed, and only came across a post from a few months ago saying that one should, and that had two accounts that seemed like bots but were pretty much dead. So sorry if I made something that already exists because I didn't notice.
Anyway, all you have to do is add the following to a comment:
+Amount Butts to User
The amount can be whole number or one with a decimal, and shouldn't need a zero in front if it's less than one (i.e. .2 and 0.2 both work). The username can start with a forward slash or just the letter u. And it's all case insensitive. So I could give a ButtTip to killhamster by typing:
+23 Butts to killhamster
Just like with a Bitcoin tip, killhamster would get nothing of value! In a while ButtTipBot replies to let you know that a gift has been made, and adds a little something for you to remind you how amazing Buttcoin is!
Unfortunately, due to me not want to actually want to host this, I just put it on Heroku, and it probably wont have enough computing resources to go through all the comments on Reddit. So I've limited it to /Buttcoin and will add /EnoughLibertarianSpam when it gains enough karma to be able to post more comments in quicker time. On that note, if you want to try it out now, it might take a few minutes unless ButtTipBot becomes an approved submitter.
After writing this out, I'm really hoping that it works as planned. If anyone has any good suggestions, I can try and implement them. Or you can view it on GitHub, and edit it yourself just like the free market intended. Also if you go to GitHub, you can really easily add some replies, but you may need an account (just pester me and I'll add it for you).
EDIT: on my phone right now so I can't read the logs, but it looks like it may have crashed or heroku had stopped it automatically. I'll see what went wrong then change a few small things and put the changed one up.
EDIT 2: Apparently it was still running. But I made some changes for things I saw here.
I'll add the ability to give farts and stuff later. I wanted to know if people think that it should be converted to buttcoin or remain as farts or whatever. Converting them will take more effort to implement, but shouldn't be too hard. Otherwise all that needs to be done is add the words to alert ButtTipBot. I'll probably just stick to keeping them the same if there isn't a clear push otherwise.
Edit 3: I'm dumb and made it so it replies to itself. So I had to stop it to fix that. Should be fixed, sorry for it being down, and especially sorry for the spam it may have made. If anyone notices the bot spazzing out, then send me a PM. And if it's really problematic tell the mods because they can stop it being able to post until I can get to it.
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The origins of r/buttcoin

Please enlighten me, when and where did /buttcoin originated from? is this video the origin of it all?
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BFL lied to customers, I may as well share how they flat out lied to us as well

might as well post these emails since shit's hitting the fan
Hi [killhamster],
Thanks for your patience. It looks like the site issues are mostly fixed.
My name is Jeff Scott and I bought because I believe there is space for an Onion type parody site in the Bitcoin world. But let me be clear - I like Bitcoin. I believe in it. I also know many of the companies who operate in Bitcoin. Some of the owners of these companies are friends of mine. And thankfully, many of them have a sense of humor and understand parody.
In order for to survive, it needs to generate revenue. In order to generate revenue, you need to attract advertising from the people who are making money in Bitcoin. My job is to sell this "parody" business model to them and convince them that we can do our parody in a way that will make fun of them and Bitcoin but won't hurt their businesses. If we can walk that fine line, we can generate revenue and still remain cutting edge and humorous.
While I don't necessarily agree with whitewashing bad news, I think stories can be told in a way to take digs at companies and products without harming their reputation too much.
The article about Butterfly Labs at the top of your popular stories is a good example. Do you know how much money Butterfly Labs has made in this industry? It's quite a bit. And they advertise a lot. That customer alone would pay for our expense (and more) per month. But they would never advertise with us in the current state.
The bottom line is this - will not be forum troll bait any more. Bitcoin is bigger than Bitcointalk and Reddit. We're in new territory. If we want to capture revenue, we need to build this site into something new. We have to change the way we write stories.
One of the first things we need to do is clean up some of these older articles. The Butterfly Labs article is an example because it's a top story. I took a stab at making the post positive for now until we can figure out our "new voice." I need to start attracting advertisers. I would like you to rewrite the Butterfly Labs stories so they are not forum troll slams, but parody. Here's an example of a headline that would take a dig at the company and Bitcoin but maybe give them a little boost.
Current headline: The Butterfly Labs Mini-rig is a huge broken unstable piece of shit. (it has been proven that while you might not get rich with one, the product is not that bad) Possible new headline: Butterfly Labs Mini-rigs Mine Detroit Out Of Bankruptcy. "The Detriot city council finally took delivery of 2 Mini-rigs from Butterfly Labs..."
This is just an example I thought off the top of my head. It takes a dig at Bitcoin, the fact that the Mini-rig will not make anyone rich, but at the same time doesn't offend a possible advertiser.
So, this is the direction I want to go. There is a place and budget for a writer who can help make this happen. If you think it's you, please let me know and we can work on moving forward. If you cannot accept this new direction, we will have to part ways right now.
A second, clarifying email
I don't necessarily want to tone down the site. I just want advertisers.
I understand your feelings about Butterfly Labs. I know the industry quite well. Avalon had issues, KnC had boards explode in the wild and I don't see any articles nailing them for shipping less than perfect products. Every single hardware manufacturer has missed their target dates for delivery. It's not just BFL.
BFL did just ship out 45,000 bitcoin miners which is a pretty big task for a company that started 2 years ago and I know they are replacing units that are not functioning. But this is not the point. They pay another site (I know the owner) $1000 a month to run banners. I can make a deal with them overnight. This doesn't mean I am tying myself to them. It means I am taking their money. I'm not sure how much [FCKGW] was paying you to write, but I think he mentioned a % of revenue and adsense couldn't be making that much.
Let's make fun of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining, but try to stay brand neutral.
Let me know if you're interested.
after we caught them saying the BFL minirig is a big sexy mining machine
The BFL stuff is temporary. I want to rewrite them later. If you want to change the author on them for now that's fine. I'll do that. I'm working on a deal for ad space with them. It's an olive branch.
Sorry slammed today. Will answer the rest soon.
after these it was mostly me saying "hey the site is down check it out" and him saying "OK"
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Inside an /r/Bitcoin thread, a user just stumbled onto the path to enlightenment. Come witness the sublimity of awakening.

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Welcome to Buttcoin, we're so excited you are here!

Welcome to the Buttcoin subreddit!
Let me introduce myself. My name is borderpatrol and I am the creator and un-funny writer of . I would also like to introduce killhamster as my better, funnier half. He also writes for Buttcoin and does funny stuff on our Twitter.. If you see new posts in either of those places it's probably him since I don't post much anymore (it's a long story involving BFL that I may post some other day).
If you've never heard of Buttcoin, then shame on you! We've been making fun of bitcoin idiots for a long time. In fact, we're one of the oldest bitcoin sites on the internet. Here's a short list of sites older than us:
In fact, our article on Bruce Wagner was at one time the #1 all-time post in /bitcoin! Until the echo chamber intensified so much that nothing bad about bitcoins was allowed to be talked about ever again. We also run other cool sites like and post on threads on the SA forums.
So what is /buttcoin? It's a place to talk about the hysteria and frenzy of the bitcoin crazies. It's a place for those fed up with the constant tip bots, "woah, what just happened here?" posts, and people invading every goddamn comment section with bit coin pumping. It's a place where you are free to post FUD "Facts U Dislike" about Bitcoin and not be downvoted for daring to question the motivations of Satoshi.
So welcome to Buttcoin and post post post.
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Next level shilling with BTCPROMO. Buttcoiners getting scammed as usual.

Hi guys (from throwaway),
We all know shillin' is where it's at: we get paid fairly well for it! But it seems we're facing a new competitor who's paying better than that cheapskate killhamster.
A businessmodel
Time to setup our brand new company! We'll start selling BTC for PayPal-bucks. We offer a premium of about 5% on the Bitstamp price while also offering the lowest fee ($1.50). We also offer bonuses of 5% when trading (so much free cash). In order to appear legit we buy some obvious Twitter follow bots.
The competition
There's no better way to get your scam some publicity by having a public competition. Of course we aim for free promotion, so we just let ourselves win! Amongst the winners are our Reddit shill frankokill and our Bitcointalk shill who won the main prize of 0.5BTC: joeventyra.
Time to ask ourselves some questions
What do Kittzzy22, dailygod, regtheTech and googfee have in common? Oh they just make a Reddit account to ask a question about the best bitcoin service ever.
The first rule of shilling is to provide solid info. That's what ns12123, solosman2, screenprev and lookingMoney are here for! So friendly!
Balkans are in trouble, lets capitalize on this!
Nr#1 BTCPROMO shill ns12123 also ran the Balkan fundraiser. Positive reenforcement from other shill hecktotheNeck
We got called out! SHIT!
psuedoturtle became a victim. He calls the number on the website, which of course doesn't end well. BTCPromo made a final offer: delete all your posts accusing us of scammin' and we give you your money back. Of course, not on PayPal.
This is still going on, e.g. just now on a post discussing Cryptsy's downtime. And yesterday. They got much more accounts than listed here, mods can figure that out themselves.
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In honor of Bitcoin $1,000*, here's a list of Mt. Gox's valued customers (*Price is not reflective of the actual value of bitcoin)

I've compiled a list of Mt. Gox's "valued customers" from its twitter stream. Ask yourself if a legitimate company would have a similar stream and lack of customer support.
It's time to put Mt. Gox out to pasture. They were a phenomenal innovator, but it's now just a dangerous exchange.
Note: I'm on this list, too.
GMolenkamp, LaunchByte, 01101O10, MADinMelbourne, LondonBTCMeetUp, DuhHamza, snail365, AntoineSL, IIIPROIII, jordandegeus, DClark2014, Pirucho, harmvanderven, gtklocker, jamesjcousins, djbooth007, EnumaElish, jonnyhsy, abelevii, baihk, matsimo, RusselDalton, lifemanifesto, strip911, user16782173, vurbinaporrero, ActlHumanBeings, ch25061, PatrickAgut, AsherWolf, trader_bitcoin, fuckspacedrumma, bitcomsec, CryptoDirect, BravoCrazy, apap100, jujueyeball, sinonevero, Christopherglaw, cryptosecurity, mowheeler, yuri_koval, panatha192, hyph3nx, twobitidiot, AegisFS, elreystadesnudo, B2Benb2, mvanhorn, SiliconPM, BitcoinZilla, kaizen7, CElston, LamassuBTC, ansgarjohn, Arganaut, frizbninja, milto117, angrymofo, ZagaloZ, yugz777, BTCguess, fsbtnews, danicellero, evilthought, kazanture, RenegadeMinds, daniellauhlig, zhenghaox, speed2606, klinthoufy, anarcoin, TConspiracyChef, Sanelino, supershares, alexisvos, NoEyeSquareGuy, DHQNgo, jaysu, simonhopper, elreystadesnudo, B2Benb2, JoeCroninSHOW, 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Bitcoin Koans

A reddit user asked Bruce Fenton: "Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the truth?"
Fenton observed: "I always remember the block-chain. All is recorded within."
The users of /BitcoinMarkets used to study TA before Paco Ahlgren posted on reddit. Four of them who were intimate friends promised one another to observe seven days of pure math.
On the first day all were silent. Their analysis had begun auspiciously, but when night came and the markets were rising quickly, one of the users could not help commenting: "TO DA MOON."
The second user was surprised to see the first one comment in English. "We are not supposed to write a word," he remarked.
"You two are stupid. Why did you comment?" asked the third.
"I am the only one who has used pure math," posted the fourth user.
killhamster went to /dogecoin where a bot had started a giveaway and asked it: "What is, is what?"
The bot tipped him 98 dogecoin.
killhamster replied: "Cryptos cannot prosper when the price is too low." And he left.
A few days later killhamster went again to visit the bot and asked the same question.
The bot answered the same way.
killhamster said: "Well given, well taken, well tipped, to the moon!' And he tipped the bot back.
1point618's Comment: The tipped doge was the same both times. Why is it killhamster did not admit the first and approved the second one? Where is the fault?
Whoever answers this knows that killhamster's tongue has no bone so he can use it freely. Yet perhaps killhamster is wrong. Or, through that bot, he may have discovered his mistake.
If anyone thinks that the one's insight exceeds the other's, he has no eyes.
Two users were arguing about the LTC/BTC exchange rate. One said: "Bitcoin is moving by gaining value."
The other said: "Litecoin is moving by losing value."
TulipCoins happened to be passing by. He told them: "Not Bitcoin, not Litecoin; mind is moving."
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Two presentations: "Introduction to Bitcoin", and "Introduction to Buttcoin"

Introduction to Bitcoin (Prescott Ogden)
Introduction to Buttcoin (Killhamster)
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Are you a server who's been tipped with bitcoin?

Are you a server who's been tipped with bitcoin? if so, I want to know about it. contact me at killhamster at
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Sans limites TV - YouTube an0nymooose - YouTube r/Comedycemetery  bro,.. that's MAD funny - YouTube

As I've stated before, I got my introduction to creating electronic music by using the MTV Music Generator on a Sony PlayStation. I've recently come across some tapes containing tracks from this time ... Bitcoin Jesus 2.0 Roger Ver’s been denied re-entry to the United States recently, since he’s a whiny jerkwad who threw a fit over taxes and renounced his citizenship. He can’t come to various Bitcoin conferences in person, so in the vein of fellow Bitcoin criminal Charlie Shrem, he’s going to attend conferences via an iPad on wheels. Oh the bitcoin miner never quite reached 60 GH/s. It used to do 54 but that could have been the old PSU. Right now it's at 58. You cannot update it's firmware either without buying a device to reprogram the chips which voids the warranty. The only good thing I can say about BFL is that when the power supply the sent died after 6 months they sent out a replacement at no cost, and they at least ... Kill Hamster KING OF FUD! DISCLAIMER: I own .05 bitcoins. → Kill Hamster . Related Posts. Buttcoin / Buttcoin is pooped. Buttcoin / Fork you, got mine. Buttcoin / Bitcoin is Broken (But We Already Knew That) ‹ Reddit spends more money on managing bitcoin transactions than it actually receives › Butts by Dre. Leave a Reply Cancel. Your Name. Your Email. Your Website. Where we are now ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 154. BitLicense is designed to kill Bitcoin innovation. Close. 154. Posted by. u/BTC_Hamster. 4 years ago. Archived. BitLicense is designed to kill Bitcoin innovation. ...

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Sans limites TV - YouTube

videos for people who like videos This Channel is for outdoorsmen who have a huge passion for hunting and a love for the outdoors. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well at Kill-Em Outdoors... Oi bonitas e bonitos, tudo bom com vocês? Aqui você vai encontrar vídeos sobre basicamente tudo que eu gosto. Nas quintas eu falo sobre crimes que acontecera... $10 VS $1000 MYSTERY BOX! If you enjoyed this video check out gaming videos here: SUBSCRIBE: Check out my MERC... Chaine d'information Sans Limites TV éditée par le Groupe GSL Communication, Ouest Foire Dakar ( Sénégal ) Directeur de Publication : Yankhoba SANE SERVICE C...