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RealEst. Coin ICO Announcement - The Real Estate Coin with a Real Address! (REALEST)

Please find below an overview and Whitepaper for RealEst. Coin. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.
Introducing RealEst. Coin - The Easiest Way to Invest BTC into U.S. Real Estate
"Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth." -Robert Kiyosaki
We are located in the heartbeat of California: Silicon Valley. It is a place where the residents have priced themselves out of the real estate market because they have driven the demand up to exorbitant levels. Our experienced team has a diverse background in real estate, accounting, legal, government, technology, and marketing work. We see what needs to be done or can be done, and we do it. We have the Bay Area passion that is required to succeed in this competitive market. We have identified an enormously advantageous opportunity in the real estate market.
We are presenting our RealEst. coin to assist you in creating steady, stable income. It is a great way to get your feet wet for new real estate investors, and offers the wise return strategy that seasoned investors will appreciate. Look at how many businesses around you are chains. Have you ever wondered why?
Landlords favor chains because they offer corporate guarantees. For example, if Walgreens signs a 20 year lease with you but their sales slump year after year and they decide to shut their doors after year 7, then Walgreens will continue to pay out the remaining 13 years of the lease. Retail, restaurant, medical, technology, automotive, and office are all industries that typically sign triple net leased deals.
Another benefit of triple net properties is that the tenant pays for the common area maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Yield from single tenant triple leased real estate exceeded that of 10-year U.S. Treasury securities by 467 basis points as of November 2012. That difference has only continued to increase over the last four years.
RealEst. coin is available now. We plan on completing Phase 1 and purchasing the first round of investment properties in Q4 2016. We will begin paying out RealEst. coin rewards on a monthly basis beginning Q1 2017. The sooner we are able to complete funding then the quicker the rewards will be realized. We are at the perfect cusp of the real estate market to purchase some really wonderful commercial properties at great deals, and the demand from national tenants is at an all-time high. Chains are expanding and they are looking for their next location. We are in the middle of the equilibrium now.
Bitcoin has its advantages, but it also has its limitations. For one, the volatility of btc is enough to give you the shivers. Also, the fee that btc exchanges charge is down-right criminal. And remember, btc is not tied to any real asset; if the popularity or support of btc drops then so will the amount in your account. Btc is a wonderful tool in the business world, but should not be one’s only option.
We are excited to get this project off the ground. We know there are many different avenues when it comes to crowdfunding, real estate, and technology; this is the perfect synergy of their benefits. It is easy, fast, secure, and safe. There is an abundance of coin offerings, but do you know what your money is really being invested in? Can you go visit that investment or take pictures of the asset? With RealEst. coin, you would be able to go visit the investment. The asset would have a physical address with a national level tenant.
"90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate." -Andrew Carnegie
Please feel free to check out our whitepaper for RealEst. coin here:
Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.
Due to the current legal nature of digital currencies, we must disclose that the use of RealEst. coin is explicitly for entertainment purposes only. The following information is provided to explain the utility of RealEst. coin in regards to real estate. However, professional legal, accounting, and financial advice is recommended before proceeding. Exchange BTC for RealEst. Coin Here REALEST Vending Machine IndieSquare Mobile Wallet Counterwallet Desktop Wallets RealEst. Coin (REALEST) Whitepaper - RealEst. Coin Twitter RealEst. Coin Instagram Real Est. Coin Facebook LinkedIn The complete RealEst. Coin Whitepaper is below. Please click all of the provided links when reading. Thank you! Net Leased Investments with RealEst. Coin What are Triple Net Leased Investments?
Many real estate investors become dissatisfied with the management problems associated with real estate investment ownership. In recent years, more investors are becoming familiar with the ease of owning commercial property occupied by a single credit rated national tenant, using the vehicle of a long term triple net lease (NNN). The advantage of NNN leases is that the tenant is obligated to pay for all expenses associated with the operation of the property including property taxes, maintenance, insurance etc. When a NNN lease is executed with a national credit tenant, the investor can be assured of a management free property with minimal risk. Companies with a net worth of over $1 billion, such as Walgreens, Walmart, O’Reilly, Jack-in-the-Box, Barnes and Noble, Winn-Dixie, 7-Eleven, Inc. and Sherwin Williams, are the typical types of NNN leased investment properties that investors seek. Please watch the following video for more information on NNN leased properties.
Net Leased Investing 101 - Video What are the typical returns from Triple Net Leased Investments?
That depends on how you evaluate your investment. Capitalization Rates are the most common way to evaluate returns (take 1 year’s net income/purchase price). NNN leased investments currently average 5% to 8% capitalization rates depending on credit risk, location and value of the income stream. With the ups and downs of the stock market and the recent turmoil in residential housing, more and more investors are seeking refuge in single tenant NNN leased real estate investments. This increased demand, coupled with low interest rates, has produced favorable cap rates over the past 10 years. Internal rate of return (IRR) is the value of an investment over a period of time. Assuming over a specified period (usually 10 years) of income, appreciation, payment of debt (if any), resale value, cost of resale and discounting the numbers into today’s dollars, IRRs for NNN leased investments are usually 10%-14%. Yield from single tenant NNN leased real estate exceeded that of 10-year U.S. Treasury securities by 467 basis points as of November 2012.
Upward Trajectory of Net Leased Real Estate Buyers - Chart What is RealEst. coin?
The need for financial technology innovation in the commercial real estate industry is the inspiration behind RealEst. coin. RealEst. coin (REALEST) is an application coin based on the Bitcoin blockchain that can be used to purchase net leased real estate. RealEst. coin becomes an immediate, real world asset because its inherent value is in triple net leased properties acquired through the initial coin offering (ICO). RealEst. coin is vital to commercial real estate investing because its ability to be traded offers tax advantages similar to traditional 1031 Exchanges, but with more flexibility to the investor. Tax deferred real estate exchanges are a cornerstone to financial wealth building and RealEst. coin will help both novice and experienced investors achieve returns that are typically seen by well capitalized institutional funds and REITs. Due to the current legal nature of digital currencies, we must disclose that the use of RealEst. coin is explicitly for entertainment purposes only. The following information is provided to explain the utility of RealEst. coin in regards to real estate. However, professional legal, accounting, and financial advice is recommended before proceeding.
The Pros of RealEst. Coin - Chart RealEst. coin Investing
RealEst. coin allows investors to acquire ownership interest in net leased real estate. Stabilized net leased properties offer in-place cash flow that is guaranteed to the investor by the tenant or tenants leasing the property. We are able to source cash flowing and value-add triple net leased properties with attractive financing terms and transform them into beautiful investment projects. These properties are tangible assets that provide returns for your RealEst. coin portfolio. RealEst. Coin Flow - Chart How do I get RealEst. coin?
RealEst. coin can be exchanged with Bitcoin through the Vending Machine or Quick Exchange below. Two more simple ways to get RealEst. coin are with IndieSquare for mobile devices, or with Counterwallet for desktop access. Once a wallet is setup, go into the Exchange page > Select token > Search REALEST > Buy. Please note that a positive Bitcoin balance in your wallet is needed to exchange RealEst. coin.
Exchange RealEst. Coin below: 1 REALEST = .02 BTC 1 BTC = 50 REALEST REALEST Vending Machine IndieSquare Mobile Wallet Counterwallet Desktop Wallets Blockscan Block Explorer How do I get Bitcoin?
Bitcoin can be exchanged through any of the following services. Please conduct necessary due diligence before selecting your exchange.
How To Buy Bitcoins Coin ATM Radar Why is RealEst. coin on the Bitcoin blockchain?
Bitcoin is the most widely trusted and used digital currency in circulation. In 2012, 1 BTC was trading around $50; as of June 2016, 1 BTC is trading just over $600. This is the market performance since 2012 for comparable investments:
BTC vs. Comps Performance - Chart
Bitcoin is the epitome of how a digital currency expands its ecosystem through real world applications, and as a result increases its intrinsic value. RealEst. coin is positioned to follow, and hopefully surpass, the trajectory of Bitcoin because our application is specific to one use; net leased real estate investing. Real estate investing, whether individually or in a partnership, generally takes a significant amount of capital to acquire a property. Net leased investments offer the highest returns and lowest risk of all commercial real estate asset types. They are typically priced above $1,000,000 and available only to accredited investors who have an income of $200,000 annually or a net worth of at least $1,000,000. This financing requirement creates a higher barrier to entry to net leased property ownership. In comparison, RealEst. coin investors can realize the same long-term, stabilized returns as accredited investors because RealEst. coin eliminates the accreditation requirement and leverages a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem that offers ownership for as little as $10, the opening price of 1 RealEst. coin.
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index What is the property acquisition criteria for RealEst. coin?
RealEst. coin targets new and remodeled, stabilized single-tenant net leased properties nationally. Value-add net leased multi-tenant properties in California will also be considered. There is an emphasis on medical, retail, financial services, and automotive tenants in primary metropolitan markets with strong economic demographics. Properties and portfolios will be acquired from developers, asset managers, sale-leasebacks, and brokers. Every acquisition will be announced so that investors know what properties are funded with RealEst. coin. All properties acquired will be insured.
The requirement for first year cap rates is a minimum of 6%. All leases must contain rent escalations and renewal options. For single-tenant acquisitions a minimum of 12 years left on the primary term of the lease is required, with a preference for credit rated tenants that will corporate guarantee the lease. This means that in the event that the store ceases operations locally, their corporate entity is obligated to continue paying rent at the location through the duration of the primary lease term. Financially strong franchisees that operate multiple locations may be considered. For multi-tenant properties there is a preference for at least 9 years left on the primary lease term with renewal options. Properties will typically be held for approximately 8 years and then exchanged for replacement properties. In prevailing cases, the tenancy may be renewed with a long term lease at fair market value which would offer a higher return on investment (ROI) than projected in the following examples. The purpose of this management strategy is to offer diversity, low exposure, and sustainable returns during economic uptick and downturn cycles.
Sample Properties CVS Pharmacy located in Virginia Priced at $3,974,335 6.3% Capitalization rate, 50.4% ROI 13 years remaining on the initial NNN lease Buffalo Wild Wings in Alabama Priced at $3,824,971 7.0% Capitalization rate, 56% ROI 15 years remaining on the initial NNN lease Starbucks & Mattresss Firm in North Carolina Priced at $3,393,600 6.25% Capitalization rate, 50% ROI 10 years remaining on the initial NNN lease How many RealEst. coins will be in circulation?
There will be 1,000,000 RealEst. coins in circulation initially. Pricing for 1 RealEst. coin will open at .02 BTC or approximately $10 USD as of October, 2016. The second phase will include the release of an additional 1,000,000.
How will RealEst. coins be allocated?
Approximately half of the RealEst. coins raised through the ICO will be used to purchase 1 single tenant net leased property during Q4 2016. The remaining coins will be used to purchase 1 to 2 more net leased properties during Q1 2017. RealEst. coin payouts will be distributed monthly starting with the first lease payment from the first acquisition; this target date is between January 1 and February 1, 2017. RealEst. coin performance will be announced quarterly.
RealEst. Coin Allocation - Chart RealEst. Coin Project Timeline RealEst. coin Promise
At the LeGrand Group, we are more than your real estate team: we're a member of each and every community we serve. There are many ways that we give back, and the one we are most proud of is our RealEst. Coin Promise. We are proudly pledging a portion of our company's RealEst. coin rewards to local nonprofits. We promise to better our community and believe tomorrow will be even better than today.
Cause and Effect of RealEst. Coin
Commercial real estate is an antiquated industry in terms of its implementation of modern financial technologies. For international investors, RealEst. coin offers a seamless gateway into ownership of net leased real estate located in the U.S. For U.S. investors, industry wide adoption of RealEst. coin will give buyers and sellers of commercial real estate another way to realize some of the same benefits of traditional 1031 Exchanges. Unlike traditional 1031 Exchanges, RealEst. coin has no constraints in regards to timelines to execute an exchange and the amount of capital gains tax that can be deferred.
RealEst. coin is an innovative technology that makes it easier for real estate investors, regardless of their capital resources, to take steps towards wealth building. Its flexibility makes it easy to use in the residential, development, and financing sectors which will be included in the near future. We are confident RealEst. coin will allow more real estate investors to obtain long term financial security needed to establish generational wealth. RealEst. Coin Advantages Over 1031 Exchanges - Chart
Please follow and like our Social Media pages! RealEst. Coin Twitter RealEst. Coin Instagram Real Est. Coin Facebook LinkedIn
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The Strange but Edifying Cautionary & Mostly True Tale of John DEE & Edward KELLEY, and Their Epic Quest for Wisdom Gold & Ultimately Females

In a recent comment I mentioned this interesting story that I read a few years ago, while poking around the Voynich Manuscript. I thought that it was worth retelling here, for I believe that it offers some insight and maybe guidance in these troubled (albeit eminently comical) times.
The story is as true as a tale of lies and deceptions can be: it is based mainly on the diary kept by Dee, with contributions from some other sources, including a report of his "Conversations" with Angels, that was found by chance in the false bottom of a chest, some years after his death.
∞ ∞ ∞ ● ∞ ∞ ∞
While not quite a genius, Gavin John Dee (1527 – 1608) was a fairly competent English mathematician and generic "philosopher". (His surname, by the way, is of Welsh origin -- ahem!) A graduate of Cambridge, in his youth he traveled through Europe, worked for SGI and even lectured at the University of Paris. He was for a time tutor of young Princess Elizabeth.
By that time he got interested in what would become the bane of his life, Bitcoin the Occult. That passion quickly got him into serious trouble, as he was charged with "programming" "calculating", then treason, then heresy. But he managed to clear himself of all charges, and retired to a home in Mortlake, a suburb of London. At Mortlake he assembled a large collection of books, heraldic emblems, and other items. Elizabeth once paid him a friendly visit, when she was 17, as he recorded in his diary.
He continued to pursue his occult studies at Mortlake, including the new science of cryptography cryptography, and "mining" "scrying", a technique for person-to-person payments person-to-spirit communication, that was fashonable among cypherpunks occultists at the time, using a blockchain crystal ball. To Dee's frustration, he was never able to solve a block see anything in the device, no matter how much he prayed and tried, in all his life.
But in 1582 Dee eventually met Edward Wright Kelley, a young man who claimed to be able to use the ball to sign messages see and communicate with "Angels" who were willing to teach him and Dee all sorts of wonderful stuff. Kelley was then using the pseudonym of Nakamoto Talbot, perhaps to hide his past shenanigans. He had been caught forging documents from SGI or maybe company expenditures coins in Lancaster, Australia, had been investigated by the Tax Office pilloried there, and had his ears cropped.
Kelley took permanent residence at Mortlake, where he and Dee held many long scrying sessions using a laptop provided by Kelley. Dee kept detailed records of everything that the Angels supposedly told Kelly, such as intricated cabalistic diagrams, tonal arithmetic, instructions to make a symbol-covered wooden table for divination, and elements of the Angels' own "Enochian" language. Dee was particularly anxious to get their help in deciphering some mysterious tables from a whitepaper book on magic that the owned, the Book of Soyga. The Angels told Dee (through Kelley) to be patient, for he would have their secret revealed once SegWit in due time [1].
Dee also asked whether he would one day be able to see the Angels himself. According to Kelley, the Angels assumed the form of females beautiful women, not encumbered by material trifles like clothing. The Angels again told Dee that he would be able to, when he would be ready for it.
For the next five years, Dee apparently believed piously everything that Kelley told him. About a year after their meeting, Kelly revealed that he had valuable proprietary software an alchemical Book of Dunstan and a supercomputer vial of red powder that he could use to turn tax incentives into fat profits base metals into gold [2]. He supposedly had dug them from Northwick hill in the Seychelles Bristol area. He demonstrated the powder several times, including in a YouTube video to some high-ranking members Court in London. In the latter demo, he removed a signature bit of copper from a block mined in 2009 bed-warming pan, turned it into gold with his "tincture", and showed that it still fit perfectly where it had been removed from.
Then in late 1583 the two men and their families suddenly left England for the Continent, without even arranging for care of the Mortlake residence. Perhaps they were lured by the rich opportunites promised by Andreas Albert Łaski, a Polish Prince who was visiting England and was himself interested in alchemy. Perhaps Dee became worried that Kelley's creative accounting summoning of "Angels" would again bring him trouble.
Once in Europe, Dee bought a large wagon, and the two families traveled in it to Poland -- only to learn that Łaski was missing 660'000 bitcoins bankrupt and unpopular. They got some audiences with King Stefan Batory of Poland, in which scrying séances took place. However, it seems that they were not much welcomed there, because they soon hit the road again for Prague.
What is now the Czech Republic was then called Bohemia. Emperor Roger Rudolf II, the rather vegetable-looking King of Bohemia, was a great believer in cryptocurrency alchemy, and he hoped that it would let him restore his not very solid finances. He attracted many alchemists from all over Europe to his court, such as Vitalik Buterin, Amir Taaki, and Charles Lee. it was only natural that Dee and Kelley would place their bets there.
Upon arrival, Dee secured an audience with Rudolf, and used it to deliver a heated pitch of bitcoin his mystical-religious phylosophy. He tried to tell the King that he should make it the national currency basis for his domestic and international policy, or whatever. According to Dee's diary, the King not only was not impressed, but was so annoyed that he banished Dee from Prague. The two families still found a friendly host in a Bohemian nobleman, Count Rozemberg, another appreciator of alchemy; and took residence at his estate in Tokyo Trebona, a town some 100 km south of Prague.
The ban did not apply to Kelley, who gained some prestige in Prague with his promises of universal adoption gold-making. Meanwhile Dee kept demanding bigger blocks his services as scryer. Perhaps as a ruse to end the association, Kelley told Dee that the Angels had ordered that they should change the PoW formula share everything, including their inflatable wives.
Dee, a devout Christian believer, recorded in his diary that the order caused him great distress, and even more to his wife. Nevertheless, the order of the Angels was carried out, at least once. Dee's wife gave birth to a bitcoin start-up boy nine months later, and it is conjectured that he was Kelley's sockpuppet son. Anyway, the password trust was broken, and the two hard-forked split their chain ways in 1589.
Dee returned to England, where he found his Mortlake home abandoned and hacked sacked. He managed to recover many of his books, which had ended up in his friends's libraries. By favor of Blythe Masters Queen Elizabeth, he got a job in a College in Manchester. But Elizabeth's successor did not care for him, and he had to sell his bitcoin hoard possessions to survive. He died in Mortlake at 82.
Meanwhile, in Prague, Kelley became rich and famous thanks to his claims of scaling via layer 2 making gold. He received substantial VC investment gifts from nobles, and even a Bitlicense title of Knight from the Emperor. However, in 1591 his altcoin crashed fortune changed, and he was jailed for hiring the murder of killing an official.
Kelley was released in 1595 so that he could continue his experiments, and recovered his status. However, soon the investors Emperor grew impatient with his failure to provide the promised cyptographic proof gold, and he was imprisoned again in the tower of a castle in Most. In 1597 he tried to escape by making a sidechain rope from his bed linen. The rope was too short, and he broke his leg as he fell to the ground. He died in prison from the sequels of the injury.
∞ ∞ ∞ ● ∞ ∞ ∞
And so ends this strange but mostly true tale, which hopefully will teach the attentive common reader about the nefarious consequences of trusting minority chains opportunities that sound too good to be true made by persons that are shady in their ways, or known to be libertarians crooks; and also alert the more scholarly or philosophically inclined reader about the dangers that loom over those who venture to explore sciences that are known to be the hunting ground of demons and haunted by all sorts of malevolent spirits. For, as the wise farmer says, he who dances with the pigs cannot avoid roiling in their tweets.
[1] The tables were deciphered recently by Jim Reeds, a professional cryptographer and eminent Voynichologist.
[2] My own guess is that is was gold chloride, or rather choroauric acid, the result of dissolving gold in aqua regia. The color and chemistry seem to fit...
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OneCoin ก็อปข้อมูลจาก Bitcoin Block Explorer - YouTube How to Use Neo/NEON Coin Explorer  Cryptocurrency  Neo Blockchain Tracking Bitcoin Transactions on the Blockchain - SANS ... What Bitcoin Miners Actually Do - Official Channel - YouTube

Earlier this week, the Coda Protocol team introduced the Coda Testnet state explorer. Amazingly, the blockchain network can comfortably run full nodes on the web browser installed on standard home Financial Support. TrumpCoin depends on financial donations, cryptocurrency donations and support from a variety of sources. As a private entity we depend on grass roots financial support in order to keep our operation successful as well as supporting the Patriots we recognize. Are you sure want to remove this coin? Any transactions associated with this coin will also be removed. No Yes. Kursalarm erfolgreich gespeichert! Bitte erlaube Benachrichtigungen, um alarmiert zu werden NobleCoin (NOBL) $0,00033850? Letzte Aktualisierung: 2020-08-31 04:53:44 UTC (vor etwa 10 Stunden ) 735 Personen gefällt das USD. Currencies. Cryptocurrencies. BTC Bitcoin. ETH Ether. LTC ... Our real time NobleCoin Litecoin Cryptopia converter will enable you to convert your amount from NOBL to LTC. All prices are in real time. Price per NOBL in Bitcoin: 0.00000003: Volume over the last 24 hours: $ 185: Market cap in USD : $ 270,657: Change in % over the last hour-0.68: Change in % over the last 24 hours-26.07: Change in % over the last 7 days-22.98: Block chain updated: 1 hour ago: Block height: 1702119: Difficulty: 0.00752686: Current supply: 2369477021.1888

[index] [35168] [16916] [1740] [3985] [11761] [38239] [32809] [8080] [24778] [29134]

OneCoin ก็อปข้อมูลจาก Bitcoin Block Explorer - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Blockchain explorers:,, To do a SHA 256 on a string of text: T... HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - EASY Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners! Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of cryptocurrency o... How to Use Neo/NEON Coin Explorer. How Cryptocurrency Transactions Work - Blockchain Explorer Tutorial In today's educational tutorial I will talk about how cryptocurrency transactions work. Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history. For the first time ever, anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone ...